Pure Pleasure – S14:E9


Horny and busty Monika Fox can’t wait another moment for Raul Costa to come and satisfy her needs. She picks up the phone and calls him to come over, then prepares for his arrival by heading to the washroom to oil up her huge titties. She has just slipped into some sheer lingerie when Raul arrives to make all her sexy dreams come true.Raul arrives with a gift, which Monika happily accepts before turning her attention back to sex. Doing a bit of a shimmy, she drops the robe to the ground and makes sure Raul gets a good look at the way the lingerie cups her ass. Next thing he knows, Monika’s tits are out on display as well. Strutting over to Raul, she sticks her boobs into his face for some motorboating action. Climbing into Raul’s lap, Monika puts her boobies at just the right height for Raul to lick and suck. Gradually, Monika gets Raul onto her back so she can slide her lingerie down to her waist and then go to work rubbing his hardon all over her jugs and sucking him down with pure delight.Since he enjoys eating a lady out, Raul isn’t about to pass up the opportunity to lap up those pussy juices and finger bang her twat. Getting to his knees, he guides his hardon right into that tight pussy. Monika’s moans are all the guidance Raul needs as he sets a pace that starts slow and keeps getting faster. Eventually, Raul gets on his side spooning behind Monika to keep their party going.When Raul gets on his back, it’s a buffet for Monika to enjoy. She climbs onto his hardon and mounts him in reverse cowgirl. Riding fast enough for her lovely breasts to bounce like crazy, Monika works herself into an orgasmic delight. Leaning forward, she changes up the angle of penetration enough to make herself groan in bliss.They wind each other back up again when Monika gets on her hands and knees. On his knees behind Monika, Raul slams back home. There’s nothing gentle about the way he fucks now, and Monika makes it clear she loves it.As soon as Monika has tapped out, Raul flips her onto her back. She knows just what to do! Shoving her boobs together, Raul creates a lovely channel to titty fuck. Rocking Monika’s entire body with the force of his thrusts, he brings himself to the brink. At the last moment, Monika takes over and strokes Raul off to cover herself in a cum shot that paints her titties white.