Aggressive Stepsister Wants Sex – S20:E1


Ever since Molly Little and Juan Loco became stepsiblings, Molly has gone out of her way to flirt with Juan while simultaneously taunting him. Today, she has decided to up her game by waltzing into the room and sitting herself down in Juan’s lap. While she’s straddling her stepbrother’s hips, Molly begins shooting off her mouth asking him things like whether he asked for a microscope for Christmas so he can see his dick better. When Molly sees that Juan is getting upset, she gets even more aggressive, claiming he’s mad because he wants her pussy but he’s not going to get it. She lifts her shirt to show her boobs while suggesting that maybe her titties will make Juan’s dick grow. Eventually, though, Molly gets sick of her game and takes off to her bedroom.Later, Molly contrives the perfect setup to get herself laid. She begins by laying in bed and masturbating with her fingertips. Eventually, she grabs a vibrating toy and shoves it deep. Molly isn’t quiet about what she’s doing, either; instead, she moans about how her stepbrother is making her cum. Juan eventually passes by Molly’s door and can’t help but overhear what’s going on. He knocks, and Molly tells him he can come in and that she’s decent. That, of course, probes to be a lie when Juan enters the room and finds Molly with her legs wide open and a toy buried inside her twat. She once again taunts Juan about his micro dick, but this time Juan is ready to take the bait. He tells Molly that he’s sick of her being such a bitch and then takes the vibrator out and replaces it with his cock.Getting the D doesn’t just automatically make Molly nicer to Juan. She keeps on making fun of him even as she blows his stiffie and then hops on top to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Getting on her hands and knees, Molly keeps shit talking Juan over her shoulder even as her breathy moans bely how much she’s enjoying herself. Rolling onto her back, Molly opens herself up for Juan to keep up his pussy pounding, until her twat is pulsing in delight. When Juan pulls out and pops a big load of cum into Molly’s open mouth, she can’t help smiling in satisfaction that she has finally gotten what she wanted all along: the chance to fuck her stepbrother.